Artist Statement

My photography originated from my fascination with peripheral vision and space: glimpses of movement and light, or reflected environments, which go unnoticed on a first glance. Inspired by the ideas of Action Painting—which used intuitive movement to capture subconscious thought—I look to nature’s gestures for images which border on other worldly.

I begin by taking thousands of images, often of urban environments reflected in water. Because the human eye is constantly changing focus in order to see three dimensions, the camera is able to capture forms which typically move faster than the eye can process them. In these random and chance occurrences, the unpredictable movement alters one’s perception of the physical and psychological world.

I weave these fragments together through an exhaustive editing process, transitioning the photograph from lens, to screen, to physical space. Thousands of 4x6 prints are rearranged and combined on the walls of my studio until they create a deeper narrative. In these overlooked forms, the mind naturally finds themes and narratives which tend to escape the rhythms of daily life.