The Photo and Imaging Department At Ringling College of Art and Design is hosting Visiting Artist Marsha Kazarinov-Owett this Thursday, January 14 from 11:30-12:30, First Floor of the Cooley Center.

Owett is a New York based artist/photographer who uses several mediums to create evocative artworks. Her latest series of photographs exploring time, color and mood in nature are on display at The Alfstad Gallery, 1421 5th St. here in Sarasota through January 22. Please see the attachment for her full bio and visit her website at for more information.

The event is free and open to the public. Pizza will be served.

"Bowing In The Wind" at Alfstad& Contemporary


Flowers become subjects of unexpected intensity in Marsha Kazarinov-Owett's: Blowing in the Wind, a new photographic exhibition at Alfstad& Contemporary. 

"Marsha focuses her camera on the same content photographers have been shooting for nearly 200 years - flowers," says Sam Alfstad. "Yet her images are startling new."

Drawing on her Action Painting training, Marsha Kazarinov-Owett suggests brushstrokes through in-camera movement. The resulting streaks of color create a turbulence of emotional uncertainty, yet amid the turmoil, moments of stillness and focus draw the viewer in.

Opening Night Reception - TONIGHT
December 11, 2015
Friday Evening 5:30-8:00pm
Hors d'oeuvres, Pastries and Fine Wine
Show dates: Dec 12, 2015-Jan 22, 2016
Tuesday-Saturday, 11:00-5:00pm
Alfstad& Contemporary 1419 5th Street, Sarasota, FL 34236


Mimic: Air Circulation

                                  Jessica Labatte, Imitators. 2010, 20x24 inches

                                  Jessica Labatte, Imitators. 2010, 20x24 inches


A group exhibition about mimicry, illusion, and material transformation in art. 

January 29th to March 15th
Opening Reception
Thursday, Jan 29, 7-9 pm.

Air Circulation
160 Randolph St. 
Brooklyn NY 11203
Between Varick & Stewart Ave.

Curated by: Paddy Johnson and Marsha Owett 

Featuring works by: Thomas Albdorf, Dave Hardy, Jessica Labatte, Danielle Mysliwiec, Marsha Owett and Aaron Williams 

What are the components of a transformative art viewing experience? Critics have written volumes on the subject, but perhaps the most basic comes from the artistic impulse to mimic and to disorient through illusion and allusion. This show assembles a group of artists whose art challenges the viewer’s perception. Space collapses, materials look like other materials, gesture is scrutinized and transformed. In short, each work is infused with just a little bit of magic.

About the artists: 

Thomas Albdorf uses nature and landscape photography as a stage and base material for pre and post photographic interventions. His work often integrates graffiti-related methods and is created through spontaneous arrangements in public spaces and compositions staged in the studio that echo the works created outside. 

It’s not always apparent why Dave Hardy’s assemblage sculptures made of refuse glass, foam, and cement stand on their own. Glass stands precariously on foam; foam is stacked on glass. The works often look like they should topple, but their parts push up against each other, suspended in an abject struggle with gravity and time. 

Petrified in these rigid arrangements, Hardy’s work seems a little uneasy and a little absurd. 

Jessica Labatte mitators makes image orientation a challenge. Through the use of mirrors and camera lenses her photographic abstract assemblages make the difference between the ground and the wall or an object and the reproduction of object almost impossible to discern. It’s these illusions that make Labatte’s work so fascinating; they are a beautiful if slightly unsettling puzzle.

Danielle Mysliwiec weaves with oil paint. Her abstract patterned paintings are informed by nature and personal events and mimic thread seamlessly. 

Abstraction and transformation is at the heart of Marsha Owett’s photographic practice. Through a process of taking thousands of shots in a single location—be it a park, a beach, a public space in the city— Owett will intuitively zoom in on details to create abstract compositions. From there she spends hundreds of hours editing and arranging images that often gesture to the painting process.   

Aaron Williams works with ideas of construction, abstraction and embedded meaning. For his contribution to the show, Williams visited museums and galleries, taking detailed photographs of paintings by famed abstractionists: deKooning, Cy Twombly, Kline, Motherwell and Guston, among others. He then photographed errant marks which, while prominent parts of the work, are largely accidental: drips, spatter, pools of paint and the remnants created from the paths of strident brush strokes. Isolating these elements, he created a digital drawing which was then carved into painted, construction grade panels. The resulting piece presents an inverse of these accidental marks; they are recast in the role of pictographs, routed into the surface of the panels. In doing so, he questions the idea of the heroic gesture and the spiritual subtext proposed in much Abstract Expressionist work.

Artist Portrait: Deanna Havas


7 Rising Art Stars to Watch: Deanna Havas

A child of the nineties and bitmap programs, Deanna Havas has an almost scientific eye for default templates and aesthetic languages. In a brief image essay that she made for the online show All My Friends At Once, Havas recounts her childhood foray into the program Printmaster, “somewhat of an intermediary between KidPix and AdobeCS6.” The funny thing about the essay is, even at the age of seven, she was thinking about things like image rights.

Artists Portrait: Rebecca Patek

ArtFCity August 9, 2014


In the world of performance, breaking taboos and celebrating cliches is tricky business; social and aesthetic mores exist for a reason, and in breaking them, it’s easy to piss people off. You have to be okay doing that.

At this point, we can only assume choreographer and performance artist Rebecca Patek has made her peace with that risk. Her satirical performances designed to make audiences uncomfortable have been lauded by The Brooklyn RailArt F City and Timeout New York, panned by the New York Times, and trolled by notorious performance artist Ann Liv Young.

The Art F City Paddle8 Auction is Live!

The Art F City auction is live on Paddle8 and we’re employing every form of digital media to let people know! That means you’ve got through Monday, February 17th at NOON sharp to bid on all live items before the heading to Postmasters Gallery for the live auction with CK Swett. You have through Monday, February 17th at TEN PM to bid on silent lots.

This auction is a well of access to some of New York’s best artists and artworks. Our list of artists speaks for itself:

Jeremy Bailey, Man Bartlett, Jay Batlle, Nayland Blake, Petra Cortright, Christian Chaize, Saul Chernick, Matthew Craven, Sara Cwynar, Jennifer Dalton, Ursula Endlicher, Carla Gannis, Christine Gedeon, Irena Jurek, Deborah Kass, Matthew Leifheit, Lisa Levy, Jose Lerma, Lauren Luloff, Jason McLean, Lorna Mills, Marilyn Minter, Ruben Natal-San Miguel, John Powers, William Powhida, Marsha Owett, Tom Sanford, Trey Speegle, Mike and Doug Starn, Russell Tyler, Michelle Vaughan, Aaron Williams and more!

WSJ Likes Gold

WJS Writes:

The exhibition also highlights gold as a color: New York-based artist Marsha Owett shot an amber-hued photograph of tiny waves rippling against Michigan's Crystal Lake, near Lake Michigan. "The gold represents the glow of summer, being on a lake and looking at how the sun reflects on the water," said Ms. Owett.

-Pia Catton

Merury, 2011

Merury, 2011

AFC Wienerfest Benifit Auction

MEET ME AT THE PARTY: Bid on art  by Marsha Owett, Liz Magic Laser, William Powhida, Jay Battle, and more! Eat wieners created by Jay Battle and Michael Mahalchick. Drink beer! Watch performances by World Hot Dog Eating Champion Takeru Kobayashi and artist Cyrikk Duval.   MC by Guy Richards Smit & DJ Michael Magnan. Plus, a raffle for a ceramic bong by Jesse Edwards!


site95 Features Skin Series

5.21.12 Featured Artist: Marsha Owett

Scar, 2011, Digital 20x30 inC-Print

site95 is an alternative non-profit organization established to present exhibitions for emerging and established artists in temporary urban locations. Drawing upon available space in major cities, site95 will present over five projects per year, each extending up to two months. The impermanent sites create a platform for artists and curators to present innovative ideas in different contexts and allow viewers to experience new work not native to their location. Exhibitions will offer openings, educational talks and tours, screenings, and performances. site95 will also feature the online monthly journal with contributions by writers, curators, and artists.

Examiner mention in "TOAST Tour Brings Visitors To Tribeca Art Studios"

The Examiner writes:

"Just down the hall from Sperber is Marsha Owett’s studio, a smaller space that nonetheless features innovative works. This year is Owett’s first as a TOAST contributor, and one that successfully brought in a number of new patrons to her studio. Owett’s work, both photography and painting, is centered around nature – abstraction untouched by human hands. On view were her series of photos entitled Skins, images of the beach after the tide has come and gone. These pieces nicely complemented her paintings, which also feature nature themes but are created with layers of newspaper and paint."

by Jennifer Eberhart

Exhaminer Feautre Artist "Artists Open Gallery Doors To Public"

By Jennifer Eberhart

The Examiner writes;
"TOAST.  No, it’s not something you eat.  In the art world,TOAST means an opportunity for artists and art-lovers to mingle and interact with one another.  The acronym stands for Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour.  On one weekend every year, artists open their doors to encourage visitors to look at art and to converse with artists about it.  That weekend happens to be this weekend, April 27-30.  To prepare for the event, we spoke with participating artist Marsha Owett.
Owett is a photographer and painter who has been an artist since childhood.  Her paintings are generally abstract expressionist (think Jackson Pollock, but with psychedelic colors).  Owett says her technique is quite different from other artists... "link to see read more

The One And Only Incomparable Paddy Johnson Shares Her Opinion Of TOAST


AFC writes:

"...Tribeca will be hosting an open studio tour this coming weekend dubbed TOAST. Some of the artists aren’t exactly the best, but that’s the deal with these things. We recommend visiting the studios of AFC friends Marsha Owett and Scott Kilgore at 368 Broadway (207) for some of the stronger work."

Thanks Paddy! We love you too!!!

Photograph in Momenta Art's 2012 Spring Benefit and Raffle

Mercury, 2011, Archival digital C-Print

I am very pleased to be a participating artist in this years MomentaArt's Spring Benifit auction.

-Benifit Art Works

Preview exhibition: Friday, April 6th through Monday, April 23rd

Raffle drawing and party: Wednesday, April 25th, 6-10pm

Momenta Art presents its seventeenth annual benefit to support its ongoing mission to exhibit the work of emerging and underrepresented artists. A ticket guarantees you a work of art and entrance for two to the silent auction and raffle drawing held at 56 Bogart Street on April 25th. Tickets are limited to the number of artworks available.

Momenta's 2012 benefit will present work by both emerging and known artists. Raffle tickets may be purchased until all the tickets are sold. The work will be on view at Momenta for three weeks prior to the raffle drawing party.

The raffle will begin at 7:30 pm continuing until all works have been offered, with the first randomly drawn ticket giving its holder first choice of one work displayed.