Exhaminer Feautre Artist "Artists Open Gallery Doors To Public"

By Jennifer Eberhart

The Examiner writes;
"TOAST.  No, it’s not something you eat.  In the art world,TOAST means an opportunity for artists and art-lovers to mingle and interact with one another.  The acronym stands for Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour.  On one weekend every year, artists open their doors to encourage visitors to look at art and to converse with artists about it.  That weekend happens to be this weekend, April 27-30.  To prepare for the event, we spoke with participating artist Marsha Owett.
Owett is a photographer and painter who has been an artist since childhood.  Her paintings are generally abstract expressionist (think Jackson Pollock, but with psychedelic colors).  Owett says her technique is quite different from other artists... "link to see read more